Restaurant Construction


When restaurateurs and restaurant chains need a new facility built, they turn to Navigat Why? Because a restaurant is simply too big an investment to turn over to restaurant contractors with less-than-extensive experience.

Navigat is a restaurant construction company skilled in all phases of development of your new business facility.  We assist in lease negotiations, oversee the permitting process, work closely with our clients on budgetary matters and remain intricately involved from the initial design stage to the completion of the work.

As leading restaurant contractors, our teams and project managers know that restaurant construction involves many elements that are different from other types of building projects.  We’re able to make sure all the unique state and local codes for restaurants are fully adhered to while turning out a beautiful and serviceable facility that exceeds your expectations.

We are a restaurant construction company that is relied upon by first-time restaurant owners and chains as well as owners of existing facilities who want an expansion or a complete or partial remodel.  In every case, our only goal is your complete satisfaction.

By working with you from the outset of your project, we’re able to ensure that you end up with a lovely facility that perfectly meets your needs.  Whether it’s a fast-food eatery designed for high traffic, a casual family-style restaurant, or a high-end, fine-dining establishment, our team of restaurant contractors will get it done right.

From a fully serviceable kitchen and bathroom facilities to well-designed dining spaces and all the amenities you desire, Navigat Construction Services is a restaurant construction company that brings experience, skilled craftsmanship and thorough project oversight to every job.