Navigat Construction Services specializes in professional project management services for development projects with the interests of the Owner in mind. The design and construction of a project requires the resources of professionals - from lenders, code officials, architects, engineers, inspectors and estimators to general contractors, specialty contractors, utility companies and major manufacturers and suppliers. The coordination of these services requires a professional manager with leadership abilities. Navigat Construction Services offers the service to take a concept through to completion. On each project, Navigat will develop and lead a team of professionals required to make your project a success.

Project Management

Navigat Construction Group Inc.’s project management services assists in keeping projects on time and within budget. Navigat’s professional teams have the knowledge to manage projects and lessen the concerns. As the project manager we oversee all phases of the development process from pre-design through management of contractors, suppliers and consultants to achieve the aspirations of the project.

Construction Management

Navigat’s construction management services are provided by experienced professionals with years of experience building multi-million dollar projects. Our services are designed to provide a proactive, precise approach that helps ensure the success of a project. Our teams include project managers, construction managers, construction superintendents, estimators, schedulers and project engineers.

Owners Representation

Navigat Construction Services provides oversight and coordination of the project from the owner’s perspective to ensure that it is delivered on schedule, on budget, with the highest quality possible. Navigat will act as the owner’s representative as an extension of the owner or project developer and solely represent the owner’s or developer’s best interest independent of the design professionals and general contractors.

Specification Writing

Our extensive background in constructability, coupled with our strategic organizational abilities and coordination skills, allows us to write a specification manual that works in conjunction with the drawings to convey the project requirements and intent. Specifications are provided in CSI Division Format, utilizing MasterFormat®, Section Format™ and Page Format™.

A/E Selection Management

Proper architectural and engineering firms are the foundation for good design. Cost alone should not be the key actor, nor should relationships; experience in providing design services on similar projects is a critical element. Navigat has the knowledge to provide detailed proposals to firms that have proven experience in the industry. 

Architectural Management

Navigat has the experience to provide impartial, third-party opinions of the design process from the view of the owner, assisting with the projects critical decisions and in the design process that require input from the owner and operator. Navigat works to assist our clients in achieving the maximum value for their design and construction dollars as the project is developed.

Interior Design Management

Navigat’s team has skilled interior design firms that provide the owner with not only unique quality, but value for their project and FF&E dollars. Navigat provides the tools to obtain the maximum value of the project.

Bid/Award Management

During the construction phase you are provided with the management of detailed bid and award of the project. In this phase, we create a detailed Request for Proposals (RFP) that includes the scope, quality and schedule that is important to the success of the project. Upon receipt of bids, Navigat negotiates a complete “deal” for our clients to ensure a successful project

Renovation Management

Capital improvement projects are not always new development or ground up construction; in many cases, renovations to existing facilities provide the best solution to fit owners' changing needs.  Navigat will provide a focused project management solution specifically to best assist owners in the renovation projects. Navigat's professionals have the experience to successfully handle the unique details of renovation projects. 

Site and Master Planning Management

A site can be developed in a variety of ways and the proper use of a site can many times be important for the project to succeed. Our professional engineers have the experience in working with site design professionals to produce the best use of a site for our clients.

Site Selection Analysis

One of Navigat’s leading assistance is to aid our clients in finding the right site for their project. In the beginning we make sure to understand our client’s oppositions and then researching the market and municipal regulations with the management of real estate professionals and engineers. At the end of this phase, Navigat provides a comprehensive report describing the pros and cons of sites reviewed from both an engineering view and a market view, employing both in-house and outside professionals. 

Project Feasibility Studies

Navigat can provide an analytical service in the development of a project feasibility study. The purpose of this study is to determine the “highest and best use” for a particular property. Then, based upon the “highest and best use,” Navigat determines what will be required to be invested to reach that use and what return our clients will receive from their investment. This service is conjoined with the site selection analysis to provide our clients with a project feasibility analysis.

Cost Estimating/Budget Conformance

With use of estimating software and construction experience, Navigat provides detailed estimates as the project emerges from the beginning through to completion of construction. Proper record keeping keeps a project within the target budget. Along with estimates our engineering team will continuously keep the design team focused on maximizing the value within the target budget. Navigat will provide an extensive estimate of a through budget development and tracking on a project. Both services are certainly critical during the budget development and design phase.

Project Schedule Development

The creation of a realistic master schedule that fuses designing, bid/award, construction, and beginning activities is important to the success of a project. The schedule creates an important timeline that forms the basis of major decision points in a project and keeps a project on track. Navigat has the proper tools, utilizing Primavera P3 software, to create and test a variety of schedules to accomplish the goals of a project.

Construction Scheduling

Navigat’s computerized CPM scheduling creates and manages a complete construction schedule that is coordinated with the overall project schedule. Navigat utilizes Primavera scheduling software including Suretrack and P6® to create and follow the schedules and reports to our clients on a monthly basis.

Value Engineering Analysis

Navigat will maintain during the design process an ongoing analysis of the value of the construction dollar. Navigat supervises the project to make sure the owner is obtaining the maximum value for their construction dollar. The owner benefits the most from this process to achieve the maximum value for their construction dollars than during the design process.

Constructability Reviews

Detailed specifications are very important to the success of a project. Failure to provide detailed specification could lead to costly overruns on a project. Navigat provides reviews of the design documents as they are completed to minimize issues with the construction process that could lead to costly overruns.

Staff Augmentation

Navigat has the internal resources to handle every type or assignment or deal with the increase and decrease in staffing required for many projects. Navigat’s experienced professionals are available, at a moment’s notice, to staff virtually every type of project at any phase. Navigat’s staff augmentation teams are put together to meet the unique needs of a particular project. Our staff is motivated to ensure that they adequately complement existing permanent staff t throughout the life of a project.

Troubled Project Turnaround

Navigat Construction Group Inc. teams have stepped in to regain control and turn troubled projects around. Navigat assembles a team of professionals that are suited to address the problems of the particular project. This team effectively assesses the problems and then develops schedules and procedures to bring the project back on track. Navigat’s senior management gets involved to resolve the difficult problems that can arise in these situations.

Existing Property Inspections

Our teams of professionals have experience in providing detailed existing property inspections. With comprehensive experience, Navigat’s property condition assessments are fully inclusive, providing detailed reports of defects or deficiencies, as well as cost estimates for repair or remediation.

Project Commissioning

Navigat manages the project to provide a smooth transition from construction to operations. The knowledge of the operations and maintenance manuals will assist in the training of operations. Navigat also offers warranty management that may be incorporated into the overall services.

Lender Representation

Navigat has ongoing business relations with several financial institutions. The services include initial evaluation estimates and/or monthly site visits with detailed reports and analysis of payment applications. Navigat understands how projects can get into trouble; working close at hand with the lenders ensures overwhelming problems don’t arise.

Claim Analysis / Litigation Support

Navigat has the experience to analyse claims on a project. This analysis incorporates our expertise in estimating, scheduling and construction to develop positions for negotiation of a settlement or as litigation support. Navigat provides detailed expert position reports to help clients defend their positions

Expert Witness Testimony

Navigat’s team of professionals has provided testimony as expert witnesses in legal proceedings involving construction contract litigation, scheduling conflicts, estimating issues and alike.  They have the skills and abilities to quickly identify the most complex issues and report the issues to professionals outside the construction industry.

Insurance Claim Support

Navigat’s team has the experience to prepare detailed reports to support insurance claim requests pertaining to damage to buildings from natural disasters or fires. Navigat can reconstruct the project and provide our clients with the guidance to resume operations.