Owner's Representation

Owner’s Representation

Navigat Construction Services provides oversight and coordination of the project from the owner’s perspective to ensure that it is delivered on schedule, on budget, with the highest quality possible. Navigat will act as the owner’s representative as an extension of the owner or project developer and solely represent the owner’s or developer’s best interest independent of the design professionals and general contractors. 

Understanding the goals and objectives of the owner is one of our key responsibilities. We manage the project team towards the successful completion of these goals and objectives; confirming that all team members understand them and that they are focused on achieving them.

There are many tasks and responsibilities that need to be addressed during the course of a project. Some always remain with the owner but many can be taken over by the Owner’s Representative. How these responsibilities are sorted will vary from project to project based on the resources of the owner’s organization. A major risk to a project is that some of these tasks and responsibilities may not be implemented properly. Our role is to put in place the appropriate project controls to minimize and manage that risk.

We help sort these responsibilities by completing a thorough evaluation of the owner’s internal resources and then aligning the available resources with the needs of the project and, if needed, provide the resources with the right skill sets to complete the project team. Our scope of services is then scaled to fit in an a la carte fashion so that all necessary responsibilities are addressed. In the end, our team is simply an extension of the owner's existing staff and our services are designed to complement those skills and capabilities.

What generally sets us apart from other Owner’s Representatives is that we provide complete cost estimating services at all stages of the project and for all aspects of the project, utilizing our extensive in-house estimating expertise.

What is an Owner’s Representative?

An Owner’s Representative is exactly that - the advisor for the owner, acting on its behalf to manage a complex project development process to a successful conclusion. In our approach, we simply become a key member of the owner’s team, working with the internal resources to achieve the desired results.

The role can vary from managing everything about the project - planning, design, bid and award, construction, etc., to simply advising the owner on an as needed basis.

The owner always retains decision making authority. The role of the Owner’s Representative is to make sure that the owner is making informed decisions. Our project manager’s work with the owner as a key part of that decision making process.