Commercial Funding

Navigat provides funding for commercial construction projects with no defined limits on project size or funding.

We offer funding programs for the construction, acquisition or refinance of multifamily apartments, resorts, 5-star hotels, casinos, luxury high-rise condominiums, mixed-use developments, retail centers, office buildings, and many other asset classes with no defined limits on funding.

Interest rates starting at prime plus .50 to 7.00% for the construction period converting to permanent funding for 25 years or more, with a typical down payment of 10% or less. As a private direct funder, we can provide commercial construction, acquisition, and many others with no defined limits on funding.

Our extensive real estate development experience has granted us the ability to work with new and ongoing projects of all kinds with one end goal in mind: high-performance, cost-effective with consistent exceptional results. This exclusive insight has enabled us to represent projects and developments worth more than $8 billion, using our funding knowledge and industry expertise to achieve outstanding results that other funders simply can’t deliver. We focus on producing outcomes that surpass the toughest challenges, accomplishing the impossible at every turn.

Starting a project right means starting with the right funding – and the right partner.


As a private direct funder, we can provide commercial construction, acquisition, and many other funding programs with no defined limits on funding.

Purpose: Ground-up construction, multifamily, hotel/resort, alternative energy, acquisitions, refinance, office, and more.

Funding programs with no defined limits.

25 years or more.

Fixed at prime plus .50 to 7.00%, based on location, property type and developer experience.

Available funding of up to 90%.

Down Payment:
Typically only 10% or less, specific per project.

Project Status:
Must be shovel-ready immediately or within 90 days.

Construction to permanent, JV

Construction Period:
Interest-only during construction and stabilization periods.

Non-recourse personally with ‘Bad-Boy’ clauses.

Prepayment Penalty:

Interest Reserve:
Can be provided up to 60 months.

Operating Reserve:
Provided in funding if required.

General Contractor:
Must demonstrate successful completion of similar projects and be licensed, insured, and bonded.

Funding Service Coverage Ratio:
1.25x upon project stabilization to EOY 2-3.

Required Collateral:
Real property first position, FF&E, assignment of rents, UCC debt-to-income.

No DTI minimum/maximum required.