Owner Representation

We do everything from program/project management, construction management to full oversight.

Understanding the goals and objectives of the owner is one of our key responsibilities. We manage the project team towards the successful completion of these goals and objectives, confirming that all team members understand and are focused on achieving them.


There are many tasks and responsibilities that need to be addressed during a project. Some must always remain with the owner, but many can be taken over by the owner’s representative. How these responsibilities are divided varies from project to project based on the owner’s resources. Not implementing these tasks and responsibilities properly can put a project at major risk. Our role is to put in place the appropriate project controls to minimize and manage that risk.

We help sort project responsibilities by completing a thorough evaluation of the owner’s internal resources and then aligning those resources with the needs of the project, and if needed, provide the resources and skilled professionals necessary to complete the project team. Our scope of services is designed in an à la carte fashion so that all necessary responsibilities are addressed. In the end, our team is simply an extension of the owner’s existing staff, and our services are designed to complement its skills and capabilities.